Saturday, January 28, 2012

Decision to blog

 Throughout life I've always been one to keep a journal. I'd fill pages and pages of the mundane and pinnacle moments in my life. I also fillled dozens of notebooks with poetry passages. It was a great way to express my feelings my hopes my thoughts my everything. For me writing was just a therapeutic outlet that i throughoughly enjoyed.
 When I met my husband and we started dating for some unknown reason I stopped writing. I stopped keeping a journal I stopped writing poetry I just stopped. A HUGE REGRET! I would love to go back and read about how I'd get butterflies everytime he'd call,how I loved the tone of his voice, how every word that came out of his mouth intrigued me and how I couldn't stand do be apart from him for any period of time. I'd love to read back on all the specifics of our engagement, our wedding, the arrival of our first child second child third child and now even our fourth. But unfortunately theres nothing:( So that's the reason that I've reached the decision to blog. With all of my spelling errors, gramatic errors and  knowing that I'm not the best writer I figure that a poorly written story of remembrance is better to look back on than no story at all. Our kids are growing so fast,too fast if you ask me, and everyday there are moments that I hope I'll remember to share with them as they grow older.They're completely intrigued by the world around them and are forever asking questions, some that make me laugh, some that make me have to jump on the computer & google and some that make me cringe at the thought of them getting older and finding out the real answer. Like "how did the baby get out your belly?' lol
  Reguardless of the memories they're their memories as much as they are mine. I feel an obligation to record those memories that they'll probably forgetin a years time so they can look back on them with as much endearment as I do.
 So heres to hoping I'll be consistant and faithful in blogging the memories of my most prized posessions my babies, my husband MY FAMILY:)